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Semi-Frameless Slider Door

Semi-Frameless Slider Door

  Code Price  Quantity
Semi-Frameless Slider Door€250.00  
Size 1700x1850 Width Adj 1640-1700 Door Open 710C2P164C€307.00  
Size 1400x1850 Width Adj 1340-1400 Door Open 560C2P134C€275.00  
Size 1000x1850 Width Adj 940-1000 DoorOpen 360C2P94C€250.00  
Size 1800x1850 Width Adj 1740-1800 Door Open 760C2P174C€338.00  
ze 1500x1850 Width Adj 1440-1500 Door Open 610C2P144C€280.00  
Size 1100x1850 Width Adj 1040-1100 Door Open 410C2P104C€258.00  
Size 2000x1850 Width Adj 1940-2000 Door Open 910C2P194C€359.00  
Size 1600x1850 Width Adj 1540-1600 Door Open 660C2P154C€297.00  
Size 1200x1850 Width Adj 1140-1200 Door Open 460C2P114C€270.00  

With a choice of sizes from 1000mm to 2000mm you have the freedom to create the perfect showering area for your bathroom.

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